Hello, and welcome to our blog! We are so happy that you’re here and we’re excited to share with you our upcoming content! At Rise to Thrive, we advocate for the importance of forming healthy habits and mental health.We recognize the power that a compassionate community has on motivating its participants to thrive, so we are uniting a community of our own. We believe that by connecting people that care about the aspirations and mental health of others, we can all be more encouraged to THRIVE.  

So, what can I expect from The Rise to Thrive Blog?   

We’ll be sharing articles based on research in habit formation, self-improvement, and mental health. There are very important research findings that exist today but that are often inaccessible or presented in complex or heavy ways. We have made it our goal to bridge the gap between you and the lessons that habit formation research has to offer by creating enjoyable and easy-to-read content.  We will suggest helpful, evidence-based lessons for improving your routines and living a healthier lifestyle. Alongside this, you can also expect to read informative research on the many types of mental illnesses and effective resources out there. At some point, we also intend to share interviews with researchers, professors, and other experts in our fields of interest, so that we can provide a variety of perspectives to our topics.  

Who Are We?

Our blog is led by the new R2T research team which is made up of 13 students from the University of Toronto. Our team specializes in all kinds of subjects, everything from the arts to the sciences – you name it! In times like these, there is an increased need for mental health awareness as well as the importance of establishing healthy habits and a routine. As students, we recognize that the pandemic has not been an easy journey for many of us – we hope that by contributing our efforts and work into Rise to Thrive, we can strive for change while continuing to build and strengthen our community.

We hope you enjoy your time here with some positivity, humour, and compassion – not only for others but most importantly, for yourself. The climb to becoming your best self will never be an easy journey, but Rise to Thrive will be here to motivate and help guide you in the right direction.

“If you can dream it, you can do it”

Walt Disney