Habit Formation

Our environment has a huge influence on our actions.  It’s the universal cue that we’ve become desensitized to, because it’s always there, like the taste of water, or the smell of air.  We’ve forgotten the desires that our environment triggers.  Realizing this, we have to reform our environments to constantly serve our good habits, and never… Read More »Adjusting the Environment in Anticipation of Future Actions

Adjusting the Environment in Anticipation of Future Actions

Ever find yourself not motivated to engage in the habit you know you should be doing? Try temptation bundling. It’s putting two habits together – one of which you already like doing (i.e. watching Netflix), and another habit you should be doing (i.e. exercising). You can do this in two ways: either by performing the two habits at… Read More »Temptation Bundling – Taking Advantage of Activities You Like to Do

Temptation Bundling – Taking Advantage of Activities You Like to Do

Guilty after an unproductive day? Start your day off right by setting a productive tone for yourself. First, begin with a positive routine without putting things off. Second, follow through on your tasks by setting reasonable checkpoints.  And third, try not to insert too many rewards after you finish a habit. Instead, hold onto your momentum by habit stacking – after completing every habit, immediately complete another habit, and… Read More »Tips on Establishing a Productive Morning Routine

Tips on Establishing a Productive Morning Routine

Are you able to think about the exact way you brushed your teeth this morning? Like most of us, your answer is probably no. This is because your habits are repeated so frequently that they become automatic – which is the true goal of forming a habit. To make your habits automatic, take advantage of what… Read More »Automating Habits

Automating Habits

What kind of challenges do you run into while trying to form new habits?  Staying organized, prepared, realistic, and having a good environment are all common challenges in the journey for habit formation. Remember the 3 Rs (reminders, routines, rewards), implementation intention, the Goldilocks rule, and the Paperclip strategy to fight against each of them.    There are… Read More »Four Barriers of Habit Formation & Tips for Overcoming them

Four Barriers of Habit Formation & Tips for Overcoming them

Have you ever taken a week off from your habit and felt that it was too challenging to continue? Try the one-day off rule! The one-day off rule is exactly what it sounds like – taking a day off but never missing a habit twice in a row. Maintaining a habit routine is understanding life’s unpredictability. By adopting the… Read More »The One-Day Off Rule

The One-Day Off Rule

Have you tried writing down all of your behaviours in a day? If not, check out the strategy of the habit scorecard! The habit scorecard is a method of keeping track of all your daily behaviours and classifying them as either good, bad, or neutral, based on whether they are beneficial to your long-term goals. Keeping a habit scorecard can help you become more… Read More »The Habit Scorecard

The Habit Scorecard

Do you have an effective way to track your habits? If not, do not fear – let me introduce to you the habit tracker. Habit tracking consists of keeping track of your habits by marking the days on your calendar that you implement your habits. Habit tracking involves many benefits, including the motivation and awareness that contribute to maintaining your habits.   Do you keep track of your habits?  Habit tracking… Read More »The Habit Tracker

The Habit Tracker