Have you tried writing down all of your behaviours in a day? If not, check out the strategy of the habit scorecard! The habit scorecard is a method of keeping track of all your daily behaviours and classifying them as either good, bad, or neutral, based on whether they are beneficial to your long-term goals. Keeping a habit scorecard can help you become more… Read More »The Habit Scorecard

The Habit Scorecard

Do you have an effective way to track your habits? If not, do not fear – let me introduce to you the habit tracker. Habit tracking consists of keeping track of your habits by marking the days on your calendar that you implement your habits. Habit tracking involves many benefits, including the motivation and awareness that contribute to maintaining your habits.   Do you keep track of your habits?  Habit tracking… Read More »The Habit Tracker

The Habit Tracker

Who do you envision yourself to be? Knowing who you want to be and what you want to do mean everything in habit formation. Not knowing your goals is like working blindfolded, and we do it more often that we think. Making identity-based habits is an effective way of remembering the most important parts… Read More »Identity-Based Habits

Identity-Based Habits

Do you ever find yourself discouraged after realizing your habit was too challenging? Habit stacking is a strategy you can use to connect your already existing habits to new ones that you would like to form. Use the formula: after (current habit), I will (new habit). Let’s say you want to start exercising regularly. Take an existing habit you already have, for example, making your bed. After… Read More »The Art of Stacking Habits

The Art of Stacking Habits